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14-10-2015, 15:59
Hey everyone!

l've been waiting for Patch 5.0 eagerly, since some of the mods promised that the pitstops would be fixed with it.
So today l tested them and it actually looks like they are working FINALLY!
Now, l have only tested them in Singleplayer, so l'm not sure if it will online. But l'm confident this time around, because all other times l tried them in Singleplayer they werent working reliably. So, l'm hoping for the best.


Type: Quick Race / Singleplayer
Track: Donington National
Car: Aston Martin Vantage GTE
Laps: 7
Conditions: Dry / Clear
Opponents: 21
Setup: Default

What l did: l went for a pitstop every lap and tried different combinations to see if any of them gave the algorithm problems, but everything worked as intended. You can see some more "interesting" combos in the video.
Note: l have cut out the long wait in the cockpit view during the tyre changes, so dont believe the super quick pit times :p

One thing that left me suspicious at first was the fact that in german the "Mittel" compound stands for "Intermediate", although in Germany we also use the term Intermediate and the word "Mittel" means Medium in English. Thats really confusing and unnecessary lost in translation stuff. (See 3:40 in the video)
So what we have is:

German / English

Weich / Soft
Medium / Medium
Hart / Hard
Mittel / Intermediate
Regenreifen / Full Wets

l'm very impressed and glad that the team was able to sort this annoying and frustrating bug out. l really hope that it also works in Online Races.
BIG FAT Thank you, guys!

14-10-2015, 17:18
Confirmed working in online too. Tested extensively last night with a group of people. Everything worked perfectly.

14-10-2015, 21:26
Any idea of finally pit crew can work on tyres and fuel on the same time on classes where they should?

Umer Ahmad
14-10-2015, 21:53
Which class would the be? Caper?

14-10-2015, 21:57
Which class would the be? Caper?

Plenty of them. Pretty much any high level class where refueling and tyre changes are allowed and thereīs enough crew to do it.

In Formula C the estimation goes up and down with a logic that suggests the pitcrew should work on both things at the same time. But then they donīt.

14-10-2015, 22:00
Major plus if all is good in the pits.

14-10-2015, 22:00
V8 supercars do also.

18-10-2015, 13:12
done a race at spa, formula b online, asked for medium tyres on 2 occasions and only got option slicks

19-10-2015, 19:08
Guess it is working online as well.
Went from full wets to intermediates...check it out.
It was one hell of a race with crazy weather conditions
See u online guys.


19-10-2015, 19:11
you really did a deshake filter on that? :D

19-10-2015, 22:06
done a race at spa, formula b online, asked for medium tyres on 2 occasions and only got option slicks

Did two offline gt3 races last night, asked for soft and got mediums at Spa and Nurburgring. I also asked for 2 gallons of fuel at Spa and got none. These were career races with the Mercedes. Maybe it's car specific.