View Full Version : bug after patch5 on pc

14-10-2015, 17:01

i was instal patch5 and was try with occulus dk2 is very good!!

but now i have lag in my custom wheel (leo) ... is not the same setting wheel at all...

and in 3 screen 4k on sli now the mouse dont work just the keyboard work

i try to delete and reinstal all but it did with the same bug

is it possible to return in patch 4 with steam?

if someone know or could help ?


15-10-2015, 09:18
up :)

15-10-2015, 09:26
Delete the following file to reset your graphics settings: \Documents\Project CARS\graphicsconfigdx11.xml

Reset your controls under Options -> Controls -> "Reset" button

15-10-2015, 10:31
thks for your help ... but i was already did that (delete in document reset reinstal the game) ....but i have the same problem with mouse ... click not work ... for the wheel i m trying to do another setting but is not normal than a patch change setting of the wheel (my car is the ruf gt8 maybe they change the physic?)

15-10-2015, 10:57
setting wheel its ok after time and with the jack spade ffb tweak ... nobody know to help for the bug "no mouse(can t click)"?

15-10-2015, 20:12
is there any chance that the game is not currently at the top of your applications while in menu? Hit alt+tab?

15-10-2015, 20:27
Is your in-game resolution the same as your desktop resolution?

19-10-2015, 12:44
thks but "alt tab" and "the same resolution" not solve the problem

maybe a bug of window 10 or nvidia? when i click in game i return to the desktop .... i use the keyboard for the moment, i will wait update .. now i know all the key of pcars :)