View Full Version : First track-load will result in rigid steering (low steering ratio)

15-10-2015, 11:48
Pretty much everytime I join a multiplayer game the steering is very rigid and the steering ratio is very low. To fix this I have to exit and rejoin. Every time. A standard session is

join, exit, join, race
join exit, join, race
join, controls are not responding at all and the car hits the wall, exit
same thing, exit the whole game and restart
join, exit, join, race
join, exit, join, race
join, controls are not responding at all and the car hits the wall, give up, play another game, come back when tolerance levels have risen again

It would be neat if the number of steps could be reduced.

15-10-2015, 11:56
Can you post your system specs and your wheel/pedals combo please?

15-10-2015, 13:04
GTX 660ti, i5 3570, 8GB RAM, Windows 7. T300 wheel with T3PA-Pro pedals.

15-10-2015, 13:05
Any confirmation from others would be great.

15-10-2015, 13:06
Did this already happen before patch 5.0?

15-10-2015, 17:22
This used to happen to me a bit but hasn't of late.. only ever seemed to be the RUF GT3 too... Try Alt-Tabbing while on track instead of quitting and re-joining, usually sorts it ;)

16-10-2015, 08:06
Did this already happen before patch 5.0?
Yes I think so. For me anyway, slightly less frequently as I remember it. The suddenly total loss of controls is new for patch 5 though. I can't fix it by redoing ingame calibration because that doesn't register anything either. Shutting down the game and restarting helps.

16-10-2015, 10:31
I have something Similar with a G27 that started IIRC around patch 2. If I join an on-line race the steering can be good for 10 seconds or 2 minutes, sometimes I can do almost a whole lap of Spa for example (up to the Bus stop) it then goes mental and impossible to keep the car in a straight line :mad:
If I quit and join again it works fine no matter how many sessions or length of time I play :ambivalence:

16-10-2015, 11:48
I can confirm this issue ,i had 1 or two times the issue after the game was released but now since the 2 last patches it's 50% chance that my steering is not as usual when joining a server ,with lot of understeer like the steering angle is set to 900 (which is not,SEN is in auto and the wheel is properly calibrated in game) or as if the steering ratio is too high and it steers like a boat
My wheel is a CSW v2 fw116 drivers 226beta