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15-10-2015, 14:46
I've read that the E-Tron, TS040 and Vantage GTE all have contracts in their respective class races but is there any plan to give them contracts within the WEC championship? Outside of GT3 the endurance aspect was the main reason i bought the game and I'd love it to be as close to the real championship as possible.

15-10-2015, 15:47
same here, the LMP1 championship is boring as f... I'm a huge fan of WEC and Audi E-tron but I just can't because the game doesnt allow me to :(

15-10-2015, 15:58

16-10-2015, 09:57

Well if that's the case I hope we at least get the option to either create our own endurance races by selecting time, classes, duration and location in single race or the opportunity to run the Le Mans 24 hours as a standalone event with all the DLC included.