View Full Version : Room Death

15-10-2015, 15:58
This is the name we gave this particular bug which may be effecting people's ability to find public online races. I have seen some threads here lately about online being dead and this could be a factor at least on xbox anyway. I thought you guys should know about it.

Over the course of a race or two we will get a buddy that lags out. That buddy is in a party with me it's normally 4-6 of us in the party. When the buddy lags out he is still in communication with us because of the Xbox live party system. On most occasions that buddy will either go to my gamertag and join the room that way or he will go to our new server browser to join from there. On some occasions he can't join from gamertag like it's blocked. The option will actually be greyed out and unusable under my gamertag. At the same as the host if I try to send him a invite the option to do so is greyed out for me and unusable. So then my buddy tries from the server browser and when he goes there my room does not show. Thats why the name Room Death.

The people who are left in the room can still race but once the room dies it will no longer populate. The only way we know what's going on is because we are in constant communication through the Xbox live party.

Re-creating the room takes like 10 secs but if you don't know your room is dead then you won't re-create it.

Umer I sent a email to Bruno I don't know if it went through my phone has been acting goofy lately. I thought the gamers should know so that the lobby leaders can run better rooms.