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15-10-2015, 17:55
I thought I had figured out what I was perhaps doing "wrong". That, I should create a new tune prior to starting a career race (i'm doing super karts, still partially becuase of this issue of not having tunes save.). That did seem to help keep the save that I had created initially before doing the race, but then after doing another race and changing tuning settings in the pits, not only did those settings not retain themselves after exiting, but also seems to have reverted or deleted my original tune.

This would not be that big of an issue if driving tuneless were viable, you know, like if we didn't have to tweak FFB on every single car.

If this is a known issue, I wasn't able to find anything very recent. Sorry for the new post.

EDIT: I eventually figured out what is happening... this post on page 2 (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?40882-Sort-of-Tunes-in-career-still-not-saving&p=1155502&viewfull=1#post1155502) may help you if you are having problems.

19-10-2015, 02:29
is this happening to anyone else? I'm not hearing a lot about it these days...

Zeke Bewlay
19-10-2015, 05:27
Was an issue previously that if you used the save to all tracks option your setup would always default to that set up even if you made subsequent changes at single track. Very annoying. Not sure if it was fixed but solution was to not use that option but save set ups one track at a a time. I have not gone back to see if this one was fixed

19-10-2015, 16:52
I do use "copy to all" feature a lot. It is not fixed, I can guarantee that. But what's more, is that if you have a tune on say, a Caterham that you drove in free practice mode, then you come to an invitational event that calls for the car, use the existing "copy all" tune you already had, then when you are done with that invitational race, your existing tune is then gone.

It made me shut down and go play AC, honestly. I can get one, maybe two races into a single player session with this game, and then I realize that I'm not even saving progress towards turning the cars' FFB. I have to either write it all down or remember it.

FFB setups and car components should have different saves entirely. If I decide on a FFB setting for a car, I should be able to make that default for the car, everywhere, and every time, independent of what part settings I may change at a given track.

It's a great game, and I love playing it. But in order to keep playing it, things like this really need to get done.

19-10-2015, 23:41
No. Pits are definitely not working proper in career for sure.
Having a go lately, luckily, my career is all 9-14 lap sprints so far with no need for pits.
I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy these short stints until longer races start getting compromised by bad busted pit stops.
It's probably possible to complete the career. Just frustrating too.
I'm about to find out how it works though. Or doesn't.

20-10-2015, 00:30
not about pits, just that tunes don't save between career races, or get lost after doing a career race. I have not gotten far enough in the career to do a pit yet... that's how bad the issue is...

Zeke Bewlay
20-10-2015, 04:11
Well, I have never had a problem with saving setups after I stopped using the "Save All" option. It should have been fixed but...
Another way to change FFB and baseline setup for all tracks is to go into individual circuit save section and manually tick all tracks. Has the same effect as Save All but after that tweaks are reliably saved for each circuit. Luckily I only used Save All for a couple of cars. I also seem to recall that if you tweak in Free Practice then the changes are saved Ok (?).

20-10-2015, 04:18
I also seem to recall that if you tweak in Free Practice then the changes are saved Ok (?).

Yes that is correct

20-10-2015, 15:19
not about pits, just that tunes don't save between career races, or get lost after doing a career race. I have not gotten far enough in the career to do a pit yet... that's how bad the issue is...

Are you saying between "races" or "sessions"?

20-10-2015, 15:22
What's wrong with pit stops?

20-10-2015, 20:59
I also seem to recall that if you tweak in Free Practice then the changes are saved Ok (?).

Yes that is correct

Maybe, but that's not how it should be. They should work regardless of where you made the tweaks.
Pits are frustratingly busted.
No one here has ever been to explain how they work. Just how they got what they needed.

23-10-2015, 20:52
hi all,

I have a few updates after trying the things suggested here. Long story short, there is still something "wrong" from the perspective of a user, even if it is not necessarily a bug...

Scenario is this: You are in the middle of a season, and get invitations to other events. As you race and tune the "loaner" car, it does not appear to save your tune for the next race. This is part of my personal confusion. I wasn't remembering that pCARS actually uses different tunes for the various tracks, rather than leaving your most recently used tune on the car until it's removed.

The Copy all feature does not work reliably - Users want to tweak things like FFB globally for a car, and one way of remembering what FFB settings you currently feel are best for a car is to copy them to all cars. As suggested in this thread, one workaround is to click on the individual tracks. That does take some time, as pCARS thankfully has loads of tracks. As a short-cut, you can do the "save all" and then click on the locations tab and that auto-checks the box next to each. Then saving from that tab allows the save to really work.

The above scenario is confusing partly because the copy all feature does not work. If it did, when I create a tuen in "my garage" and then choose "copy all" and enter an invitational that uses the same car, I should see that base tune as a starting point for that race.

You've now changed your baseline because of something you've learned setting up for, and racing in that first race. Now, you want that copied to all of the other tracks as a baseline 2.0 so that you do not have to remember, write down, or go through the exercise again. (you after all, want to race, not struggle through seemingly endless menus).

In order to get your new baseline copied to all other tracks, before starting your next race day, you'd have to first exit out of career mode, go to Free Practice or Time Trial modes, THEN go to My Garage (skipping the first step will keep you "in" your career season's car, say a kart, and not let you choose any other cars to tune.) After that, you'll need to do the copy to all procedure as suggested by checking all of the track boxes (not copy all - remember, it is broken).

The problem with this is that if you need to progressively make your tunes smarter, as in based on new experiences you've had with learning the incredibly complex ffb settings, then you have do do very lengthly procedures to make sure your changes stick. Remember, in my scenario, I've changed the tune (mostly because of FFB tweaks) from the first race to match the things I've learned from my second race. At that point, copying to the other tracks means that I will lose the entire previous tune and must accept the entirety of the new tune rather than picking and choosing.

This problem mainly exists because FFB settings and the Vehicle settings are tied together as a package. I sincerely hope they eventually change this, because it is inredibly counter-intuitive, AND creates logistical problems for players, who, at the end of the day, no matter how much like like "sim" and complexity, they just want to play, dangit!

So, in conclusion, I will change the title of the thread. However, there still appears to be one true "bug"- that the copy all feature does not work faithfully.


1. We need FFB separated out from Vehicle tuning. Or some kind of viable option to get this done without so many headaches.

2. Tunes for various tracks should not be forced upon us simply by going to said track. AC allows users to save multiple tunes per track, but better yet, simply sorts them based on track location, but does NOT force you to accept a tune simply because it was saved to that track's folder. You can just as easily pick a Nordschlief tune for Spa, for instance. Then, if you're smart, you'll save that to Spa too because you want to find it easier, but it doesn't cause any problems as you do so.