View Full Version : Sticky CrewChief??

15-10-2015, 18:49
could one of the mods please explain or clarify why the crewchief gets a sticky, yet other apps and useful threads here don't

the crest api is on page 2 where nobody will see it, but it's a valid and useful app I used all the time, the demo app that was written, which helped me understand how to code with the api is sat on page 2 too

seems like if the mods and devs like your app then you get a sticky. bit of a door in the face to the other app developers. makes me wonder if I should publish my app when I'm done with it

sorry for the negative first post, but I've been in the shadows since pcars launched and felt particularly curious about this


Roger Prynne
15-10-2015, 19:29
No idea why it was stickied, but I just unstuck it.