View Full Version : pit stops times are different than IA (slower)

16-10-2015, 08:14
Anyone know because in the pit stops AI always done in 7 seconds faster than me.
I have it set with minimum fuel and to repair nothing and when I do pit stop at the same time tan IA, they go out faster than me.

Sorry for my english.

18-10-2015, 12:11
Nobody knows?
It only happen to me?

18-10-2015, 21:59
It's likely true. Because no tires or fuel or something.
Can only confirm they are on a different tire model than we are.

Your report would need more, a lot more detail to get help.
Most people are assuming it could be many things. And it's happened to most, just so difficult to tell how it happened to you.

Roger Prynne
18-10-2015, 23:33
I tested this myself tonight in SP and the AI were the same time as me in the pits, and I tested quite a few times.

Can you give more detail, like was it in Career mode, QRW, MP, what Car/Track, do you use time acceleration etc.... thanks.

19-10-2015, 18:13
Run with audi r8 lms against others gt3 cars in road america. 18 laps with tires wear*4, no time acelerator, with sun, in a single race with practice, qualifing and race.
May be are the tires wear *4. I haven't proved with normal tyre wear.

19-10-2015, 18:26
I can confirm that I've encountered this once in career mode at the circuit de cataluyna. Off of memory it was in GT3 in career mode and the AI's stop was probably 3-4 seconds faster as I was leading with a 1 second gap and then came out behind 2-3 seconds behind. Had normal wear on.