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16-10-2015, 10:12
Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and kind of new to the game as well. Anyways, since I installed update patch 3.0 (I think, it might has been 4.0) I only get 1-3 sessions in the online multiplayer sessions list, sometimes i get none at all (!!). I am using PS4 with the latest update and the game is also running with the latest update available. Also, i'm not sure if it has anything to do with the problem, but i own the Special Edition version of the game.
More information:
- Before updating to patch 3.0 i had a lot of sessions listed online.
- While the problem exist, all other online functions of the PS4 seems to run fine. I can get into PS Store, view my profile and also play Youtube videos in high quality.
- Nevertheless, when i run the PS4 network test, it doesn't always pass the PSN sign in. Also, if the test passed fine i get a message on the bottom of the screen that my router might not support IP packet fragmentation. I have a Kasda modem-router but the problem existed on my previous router as well.
- My ps4 is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable. And of what i understand, packet fragmentation is a wireless network feature that supposed to prevent packet loss. So i don't understand why i get this message while connected with a cable. It might not have anything to do with the problem above or it might have.
- I tried changing MTU in the network setup from 1500 to 1473, performance is improved but still no online sessions.
- The problem persists also while connecting the ps4 to the router via Wi-Fi.
- My location is Israel.

Would love some help figuring this out.


16-10-2015, 10:29
In multiplayer Make sure you set the car class to any.

16-10-2015, 12:18
Well that's embarrassing.. That was the problem.. Sorry for that..

Nelson Pacheco
16-10-2015, 14:16
Well that's embarrassing.. That was the problem.. Sorry for that..