View Full Version : Danish GT3 series starting 21-10-2015 21:00 CET

16-10-2015, 12:51
Hi All

If you are danish, and looking for a treat with project cars with other danish players, then come and join us over at www.xboxlife.dk

First race starts 21-10-2015 21:00 CET, you must be a registered user on xboxlife.dk to participate.
More info in here -> http://www.xboxlife.dk/news/xboxlifes-officielle-gt3serie-i-project-cars-begynder-12657.html

Each week (wednesday) until 09-12-2015 there will be a race a 21:00 CET

As of now 9 racers are ready...

There will be prices for taking 1.place in the series, and a price draw between all participants, who have raced. Each race will give a ticket for the draw, earning you max 8 tickets in the price draw.


18-10-2015, 17:35
Still a couple of places left, currently 12 drivers ready...

As written in the main post, 8 scheduled races, it's not mandatory to race all 8 races, the best 7 races will count towards your total point score, this means that you can still be crowned champ eventough you miss a race.

It's ok to attend fewer than 7 races, you start in the number of races that fits you.

19-10-2015, 06:49
Can a swede join, Bullet? :D

19-10-2015, 08:29
Hi NWRStorm, im sorry, only for danes... eventough we might understand each others language... this one is strictly for danish racers...