View Full Version : Penalty system in career annoying

16-10-2015, 23:28
Hi everyone yesterday I did the 3 Hours of Zolder McLaren endurance and when I let the AI take over for the final hour it cut a corner several times getting me DSQ. Very annoying. I had to do a separate race with the time remaining to finish my "3 hour race".

So I turn off "flags and penalties" for the race I did tonight. Guess what?

I was doing the race and it said "FINAL CUT TRACK LAP TIME INVALIDATED". If I would have cut the corner again I would have got DSQ (lucky I didn't). But the penalties are turned off. So why doesn't it disable it like it should!?

18-10-2015, 06:34
The game will still give the warnings, but that's it. You will not be DSQ'd when flags and penalties are disabled.