View Full Version : LMP3 US Rookie Cup - BUG

17-10-2015, 11:32
Found a weird bug today.

LMP3 US Rookie Cup @ Road America (round 4)
PS4 / PCars disc version / Fanatec CSW V2 base - V3 pedals.

Qualified on pole.
When continuing to Race 1 I got a screen filled with grass, followed by a white screen with some shades on the upper side, then a very short black screen. After that I got the result board showing that I won the race !

Continued to Race 2: started on pole, but the HUD showed position 20/20 (some 46" behind) all the time, even after a few laps.
Restarted the race and all was back to normal.

Final result: I won both races, but only did one... :victorious: