View Full Version : AI glitch. impossible lap time with that car on that track.

17-10-2015, 17:15
it's something weird that's been going on with the AI.

i got some pics i took with the iphone in html tags.

during the practice lap the AI beat the lap with 1:06:xxx while i'm leading on 2nd with over 25 second behind... i went over this track a couple of times and it's just not doable with a caterham...

i'm not far into the game. AI is on 50% and i've been winning track after track. i'm mostly used to gran turismo, so i bought this game 2 days ago. been havin lots of fun with it since.

this is during practice when he got 1:06:345


this is during qualifying with normal track time.


and this is summary after the whole race.


18-10-2015, 14:29
If you use accelerated time you do get erroneous AI lap times.

18-10-2015, 21:39
if you mean accelerated time as in skip to end of session. then yes. i just bought this game 3 days ago just getting the hang of things. idk if there is a 2x speed options anywhere if thats what you meant.

18-10-2015, 21:55
There is also a x2 etc. Which can cause the same false AI lap times.

Skipping to end of session etc is a known issue, and is being looked into as far as I know

19-10-2015, 01:11
it also happened during the go-kart race. i cant remember if it were the 1st or the 2nd. not the superkart. i can look at my wins and see who it was if that helps.

i think what happened was that i had the "cut-track" happen and he got the 1st place cause i didnt have a lap time. but i didnt end up 2nd. both were 1st i think. but it wasnt the same lap time.... o.O