View Full Version : Bug report. Driving with assists ON, when not allowed in multiplayer

17-10-2015, 18:38
In general, in my settings the driving assists are set to REAL.
In this case, I was driving a BMW M3 GT4 on BRNO in multiplayer.
In a multiplayer lobby where all driving assists are switched OFF, I began driving with all assists OFF. As per rules from the lobby. When I try to switch assists ON, I get the message N/A. Which is correct as I am not allowed to use the assists.
But when I enter the pits to make a pitstop (in practise, or race) my assists are automatically switched ON (both ABS and TC) when I leave the pits again.
I am unable to switch the assists OFF after I have left the pits. I get the same message as before, N/A. After the first pitstop I will drive the car with whatever assists the car is equiped and unable to switch it OFF.

To be more precise. It only happens when I enter the pits for a refuel/tire stop. Not when returning to the pitbox/garage.