View Full Version : DLC's needing an update?!?

17-10-2015, 19:53
Hi all,

I haven't played PC on Xbox One for over a week, wanted to load the game yesterday and I got small updates for the Livery pack 1, the modified car pack and the limited edition car pack, it's only small updates but they all fail to install. Does anyone know what's going on?220464

TheReaper GT
17-10-2015, 19:57
Delete and reinstall them.

CPU M Rossi
18-10-2015, 00:34
A placeholder image was replaced because it said season pass that was cancelled before the game was released
source http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?40060-Modified-Pack-Limited-Edition-amp-Livery-1-mandatory-update

18-10-2015, 00:48
Ok, thanks guys. Sounds like a whole lot of nothing that's changed but I'm the one who can fix it, sigh.