View Full Version : Fixing this broken game then.

Des Harberger
19-10-2015, 02:14
A call to arms. Please name all your failures in Patch 5.0 in pursuit of fixing this broken game.

Land mines still active.
Pit tyre changes from wet to dry doesn't work all the time."starts to rain, come in to change tyres to wet, puts slicks back on".
Incorrect display of finishing position in league events. If i clearly finish 1st at the end of the race stats screen i'm put in 3rd or 2nd at times.
Hardware drops outs with wheels at start of race after skipping warm ups into race.
wheel clipping after leaving pits or at the start of the race.
race weather progress resets after each stage progression.
Server crashing, not allowing drivers to join, unable to access back end of servers, server kicking divers in race warm up before race making them loose there grid position"league events".
Incorrect display of sun or sunset according to time.
When you race in a default set event, your setup doesn't reload when you go to the same track again with no forced default setup.

Here is a start, only post your problems please, make them in point form. Do not repeat.

19-10-2015, 02:27
When you stall the car, you can still hear the engine sound if you switch to the external view

Btw theres already a bug report thread.

Umer Ahmad
19-10-2015, 03:02
The lists of (some/most?) known issues are linked in my signature.