View Full Version : speed sensitivity and controller filtering sensitivity? Please explain?

20-10-2015, 01:56
hey guys I just read another thread about the sensitivity of the controllers. Can someone please help me understand what the speed sensitivity and controller filtering sensitivity inputs mean. I have my steering sensitivity at 10 my speed sensitivity at 15 and my controller filtering sensitivity on either 15 or 20 but it is still way to quick on the steering and I just end up understeering through the entire corner and one of my tyres will be almost completely worn down in a couple laps. if anybody knows the settings I would like to make the steering sensitivity with the thumbstick similar to forza 5 because it is much easier to race without having understeer?

thanks for you help

20-10-2015, 02:51
Try this or something like this...

Throttle Deadzone: 0%
Throttle Sensitivity: 30%
Brake Deadzone: 0-10%
Brake Sensitivity: 15%

Controller Filtering Sensitivity: 50% (you should try different values to see what you like best).
A higher value means smoother (less twitchy) steering but it can cause input lag.

Steering Deadzone: 5-10% (it depends on how worn your left stick is, 5% seems fine to me)
Steering Sensitivity: 0
Speed Sensitivity: 60-65% (this setting allows for small corrections, it basically makes the wheel less sensitive, especially on the straights)