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20-10-2015, 14:39
I have 2 questions

1- I am triying to use some cars with manual gear and manual clutch. the modern cars which i tried so far, are ok. But ford sierra is nearly immposible to keep running. i try to get off my foot from clutch while appliying throotle as a normal procedure like our real cars, but it stalls and die very easily. i can not balance throttle or clutch, it reacts way too much both apply throttle or getting foot off behaviors

2- is it possible to switch between manual and automatic clutch by pressing a button in game. it would be very useful imo.

Roger Prynne
20-10-2015, 14:59
There should be a button you can configure for auto clutch in the controller menu if I recall correctly.

20-10-2015, 15:04
Yes, there is such button in "controllers - assignments" menus

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
20-10-2015, 15:16
Stalling in that manner seems to be most common in cars with turbochargers, the bigger the turbo the more difficult it is to get the car rolling. The Capri is a good example of this, you need to be somewhat exuberant to start off with it. Part of the issue is probably that without the turbo spinning the car produces very little power, the clutches are mostly racing clutches that have a pretty strong and sharp bite, and if there's no load on the drivetrain (if you're in neutral or with the clutch down, just revving freely) you can't spool up the turbo. So you don't necessarily have much power even at max revs (no power without turbo, no load to spool up the turbo), and the clutch bites quickly (lowers the revs suddenly) killing the revs, which can easily cause a stall.

By using a lot of gas while getting off the clutch just enough for it to start biting and then keeping it there for a moment to let the turbo spool up you can get some pretty spectacular burnouts out of these cars though. =)

Mad Al
20-10-2015, 16:19
You can also try altering the clutch sensitivity > 100 .. it makes the clutch action non linear and more progressive around the bite point (also remove any deadzone to give maximum available travel)

20-10-2015, 19:03
thanks for the help guys.