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20-10-2015, 21:31
Hey SMS there is a problem with the sun on rainy weather - it is always there, reflecting on the car and on the Track ? When compared to the PC version, there is no such a problem. You put Storm as Weather and you have 100% cloud coverage and still the sun is visible in reflection. This was the case with patch 1.4 and with 1.5 it is still present. This makes the car look too bright and shiny and not a part of the scene...

here is a video showing the problem - at least on the CAR - https://youtu.be/FM6EPzvZUos?t=113

Actually the shaders on the Console version of the game looks more bright and with less depth, which is a bad thing, but the sun does make the effect more visible.
This must be fixed.

20-10-2015, 22:18
IMO the PC car was too dark

21-10-2015, 11:52
There is a difference in shader quality and depth but the always reflecting sun is an awkward thing.

21-10-2015, 11:58
Yes I have a problem like this .. it sucks.
I asked a lot of people but they could not help me

21-10-2015, 13:15
This is a bug ingame, so only the developers can patch it and solve it.

21-10-2015, 17:55


But then


21-10-2015, 20:37
But the second video is at night. At some point the sun i out, when it gets dark. The position of the Sun i right, it moves over the horizon. The problem is there during day time, with overcast or rain. You have the reflection at that point where the sun is but the sun is not visually there.

03-11-2015, 18:28
So is it just me the one that have a problem with the sun :) Really SMS this must be fixed it looks very strange when driving in the rain and the sun is reflecting trough the tick clouds ?

04-11-2015, 06:30
That's a console issue. Due to performance reasons the console versions have less clouds rendered in the reflections. That's why you can see the sun better in this video.