View Full Version : Weird G29 clunk last night

21-10-2015, 12:46
Last night in a race my wheel made a nasty clunk noise and then felt like the gears slipped off one another. The wheel was very loose and continued to clunk like the gears were no longer in sync. I unplugged the wheel and let it re calibrate and it fixed the issue, and it actually seems to be more smooth afterwards, it doesn't have any choppy feedback since I did this so I think it may have been out of whack since I got it knowing how it feels now. Has anybody else had this happen? I'm kind of worried and think I should exchange it to Best Buy now if possible, I'd hate to see 400 bucks out the window a year from now. Everything I have seen with Logitech seems to support the wheels really last, so I guess I'm just fishing for some advice here. Anybody had this issue and if so did it seem to stay resolved or did the wheel degrade afterwards?

26-10-2015, 19:00
Can't say it's happened to me, I would get a replacement while you can if you are in any doubt.

29-10-2015, 11:59
This happened to me the other day, felt really odd. Left the free practice, re joined, no issue from then on.