View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Combining different classes

21-10-2015, 14:39
Is it possible to pick every single car among different classes for a online sessions_?

and if yes, 2nd question is, is it possible to create a qualification rule between those cars?
for example, whereas lmp class is evaluating within their class, gt cars will be seperated and ordered in their class.
so there will be more than one winner in the race.

just like lemans races

Umer Ahmad
21-10-2015, 17:33
No and No

Unfortunately right now your class choices are ANY, IDENTICAL and SAME CLASS. You cannot choose 2 or 3 classes (e.g., LMP1, LMP2 & GT3)

Also the qualification does not differentiate the various classes, same for scoring.

Very good ideas and maybe we will see them later in the game. Right now the organized leagues just kind of track these things manually (outside the game) since they're not natively supported in the game at this time

21-10-2015, 18:05
Nice idea but imagine the carnage certain "players" would cause if they could choose a much faster car.
Saying that, I suppose the incoming host kick option may help this?

21-10-2015, 19:10
yeah you are right, fast lmp troll driver can cause a chaos instantly. may be a race director screen can help to get rid of them like a air traffic controller screen, tracking them and kicking them out by a black flag.
anyway i hope we will see it in the future