View Full Version : Thrustmaster T80 not working on PS4 after update v5.0

21-10-2015, 14:57
Buying Project Cars was a must after getting my PS4.
And after my birthday earlier this month, a Thrustmaster T80 was the way to go.

Eagerly unboxing the steering wheel I was super impressed how easy it was to set up, and how the game made provision for the wheel.

Ready to play my next stint - I quickly downloaded update v5.0 only to quickly find out that the game (note: game not console) does not pick up the Thrustmaster T80 anymore. There is no response from any button whatsoever.

The console however picks up the Thrustmaster T80 no problem - allowing me to scroll through menus, make selections etc.

Any of you also experience this problem?

I posted the query on Twitter after which the Project Cars team advised I post it on this forum.

Happy racing all