View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Open Wheel vs DTM's. It is Possible?

21-10-2015, 18:10
There is any way to race different car styles?

I would like to make a race weekens like:

Open Wheel vs DTM,s


Road Cars vs Karts..

These are just exemples.

It is possible? Thanks

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
21-10-2015, 18:13
You can do it online at least, by selecting "Any" as the class. In SP though I don't think it's possible. Hopefully with the user created seasons something like this will be possible, there are a lot of different classes of cars that end up being roughly the same speed, and it would be nifty to drive around with very diverse fields.

21-10-2015, 18:52
I dont race online. I would like to do this offline.


21-10-2015, 19:18
Currently, you cannot force specific match-ups like that. No word if that will be possible in the future at this time.