View Full Version : Gear ratios adjustment

21-10-2015, 18:34
I wanted to adjust this on a Mclaren that had a very long 6th and I thought that reducing the 6th a little would give more rpm and thus more speed at the straights.

However I could see that the gear ajustment only had four or five slots for each gear so no gear fine tunning is possible the way I used to do in the good old GP4.

There is another Mclaren that has a 7th that I never use even in Monza. Is there a way to turn this 7th off, I mean using only 6 gears on that car?

Thanks in advance.

21-10-2015, 18:55
If it was the McLaren GT3 car, you don't have any flexibility on gear ratios due to the homolgation rules. If it was a road car, there's often not a lot of adjustability there either.

As for omitting the 7th gear, what would that help?

21-10-2015, 20:44
Maybe it would help to avoid being chosen by mistake by the driver...

21-10-2015, 20:55
I guess I could see that. But as far as I know there's no way of taking out a gear.