View Full Version : Wheel problem is back after 5.0

21-10-2015, 22:26
Seems like I have a old issue back after 5.0 patch ( I don't think I have had this issue since may be 3.0 ( I have recalibrated wheel )

T500rs before 90% of races now my wheel will rotate pretty violently until it hits the hard stop if I don't remember to hold onto it tight (this is prior to race start ) ......... It also happens when I come to a complete stop on track , with regard to the track one that happens 100% of the time .

Is anyone else experiencing this with t500 ................. Oh and large deadzone is back also .


01-11-2015, 00:28
I solved my violent wheel problem by clicking reset on both general controller settings AND the cars tuneup FFB settings.