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21-10-2015, 23:13
On lap 49 of 51 I got disconnected from steam running in second place being the only one on the lead lap 11s from the 1st and gaining time FAST.

I knew after that users started to disconnected from steam but i don't know what lap but it was early.

Ofc, after 90m of racing ending up like this because of steam is... more than annoying :(

The server was always up until the 7 guys that didn't disconnect finished and as far as I know NO one got out because of incidents. Everyone because of steam :(

I really hope this dependency gets removed and get high on MP issues priorities list.

That and the replays bugs for marshalling. Replays are bugged to hell.

For us who only care about leagues racing frustration does not even start to describe what I had to hear (and agreed to) on TS.

22-10-2015, 07:17

22-10-2015, 09:10
My point is to prioritize it. That post already had my like on it ;)

22-10-2015, 11:52
I was on that Race too.

It was a 100 minutes multiclass League race and after training all week for the race having it end because of Steam connectivity problems is quite frustrating. Of the 16 cars that started the Race only 7 finished it, all the others as far as i know got D/C by Steam problems: http://simresults.net/151022-sW0

I hope you guys can fix that ASAP by ending the Steam dependacy for playing Online: this is a game you cannot relog or pause the race so fixing this should be paramout!

And while i'm here, please, improve the replay system: simply put, it's broken.

23-10-2015, 17:51
Yes, this steamdependence makes absolutley no sense. Ruined many races for many people. One of the bigger remaining issues.