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22-10-2015, 18:49
We at TVRF are now announcing our next Pcars series,

TVRF Formula A Series

This series will be run on a Wednesday at 9pm UK time.

This is a 4 week series but featuring 8 same length races, 2 races per night.

10 mins qually before each race to offer a super pole feel.

Cockpit view, we are locking it to cockpit only view to offer more realism to our races for this series.

Any assists able to be used as we want all our drivers to feel comfortable when they race.

We will be visiting some great GP tracks in cars that at first can be tricky but very rewarding once you get it right.

If you are the type of driver than ca commit to a 4 week series and you drive clean and fair then visit our website for more info.


04-11-2015, 19:19
Our Formula A series starts tonight at 9pm uk time.

locked cock pit view but able to use any assists you want mean this will offer good racing with a touch of realism.
we currently have 9 raring to go so there is still a chance for you to get on the grid.

more info at our site but cut off time is 8pm.