View Full Version : Question about Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals

23-10-2015, 06:03
Hi all,

I am considering picking up this pedal set, however I will not be mounting it to anything. It will be sitting on carpet, with an object behind it to stop it slipping backwards.

Are they suitable to use in this manner, or does the use of a load cell brake mean that it really has to be bolted down?


23-10-2015, 06:21
Use Velcro

SJ olly
23-10-2015, 19:59
buddy , i'd be looking to bolt them down ,

24-10-2015, 17:39
buddy , i'd be looking to bolt them down ,
I have these you can use on just the floor but i found that when heavy braking they tended to lift up . So i would recommend hard mounting them.

25-10-2015, 07:08
Thanks for the feedback, guys.