View Full Version : **URGENT** Time Trial Bug

23-10-2015, 21:09
Invalid laps are being counted on the leaderboard.

Today i was posting times in time trial, after getting 10th spot at Monza GP i tried a different setup. On the first lap with cold tires Shot past my braking point and cut the track at the first corner putting me ahead of my ghost the 10th spot, the little box came up telling me my lap was invalidated, so i carried on and finished the lap about 2 seconds faster than my best, my time was Not invalidated. I now show as 5th spot on the leader board. This time should not have counted.

23-10-2015, 22:48
So what you are saying is.. I can finally make it decently high up on the leader board :cool:

.. in all seriousness, that sucks if true for those who work hard for their legit top times.

Roger Prynne
24-10-2015, 16:39
Can you reproduce this?
You have openly admitted that is was a mistake, so if it happens again and you beat your time don't worry about it.

28-10-2015, 15:15
I have not tried to reproduce this bug. I reported it here on the 23rd. My time is still posted on the leaderboard.