View Full Version : [Gamepads] Full R or L Analog Shifters

24-10-2015, 02:31
Hoping this gains traction and considered strongly for a future patch in the game. Using the controls' assignments I like adding pressure sensitivity to all pedal functions and on PS4 I use L analog up for my clutch. Shifting up and down however, I'm limited to a basic gear up or down option for which I use R analog up and down respectively. I really wish I could add assignments to my controller for a direct gear selection, in a logical way using R or L analog taking advantage of it's diagonal directions. For example R analog - left/up for Gear 1 and so on..??

It is impossible alot of times to know what gear I'm driving in because I turn hud off and I'm only logically able to apply the up down gear shift and I don't play with a wheel. While I'm not I'm trying to buck that trend and make a case that gamepads can just as enjoyable and just as capable. Therefore, it's not only going to help me know for sure what gears I'm driving in on track but I know it will add a big jolt of fun in the game's driving for me and being a game that continually listens to it's players for growth and suggestions, I'm hoping you guys can come through with this and soon. :yes:

CPU M Rossi
24-10-2015, 04:54
but your not able to go from 4th to 1st in all cars in the game ie a LMP car has a sequential gearbox

24-10-2015, 08:46
With the customized controls as they are, I could keep that option and for example switch to some type of button configuration for sequential gearing. I'm sure I could still enable the R or L analog idea for the regular manual transmissions.