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24-10-2015, 16:43
Hi all,

not sure whether this is the right spot for my thread, so if not please just move it to where it belongs. Didnīt find any similar topics, so hopefully this is not a well known problem.

After doing a lot of single player races I started to host some MP races a while ago. Now I found that replays from these races are broken. In replays thereīs always some cars just staying in the grid the whole race though I am absolutely sure they have been doing the whole race or at least the first few laps. Every time you get back to the start finish line you see those cars just stand there.

Today I hosted a GT3 race at Silverstone with 20 starters / 40 laps. There was a jump start and quite some confusion in the first lap. In the race I saw 5 cars staying in the grid the whole race through, they moved a little to the pit wall after a while, but they never disappeared. 9 drivers completed the race, including me finishing 1st and a friend of mine finishing 2nd. Watching the replay now, there are only 3 or 4 cars racing, the rest just stays in the grid all on their start spots, including my friend...

Then I hosted a short race at Nurburgring Short, only 10 laps in Audi A1 or same class cars. Only my fried and another guy joined in, so we were three pilots. That guy an me we had a very tight fight the whole race through with my friend fighting himself a few seconds back. So what was the replay like: My friend didnīt leave the grid again, stayed there all the time. Saw myself driving all alone most of the time. Switching camera to the guy that was fighting me all the time I see him having some lonely laps as well...

Oh, by the way: when in GT3 quali, I switched the camera through to see all other guys (live, being in my pit). And there was one car on its roof in the pit lane. Canīt really be, can it? We have automated pit lane driving... See pic below.

Any body else experiencing similar replay behaviour? Or is it even a known bug? Only to add this: my pCars installation is running fine with patch 5.0 having installed, no stability probs so far.

EDIT: Not sure whether this is an MP related issue only.


24-10-2015, 16:53
Yes, know issue since May and never fixed.

24-10-2015, 17:25
The cause seems to be the join-in-progress feature and going from one session (Free Practice) to another (eg, Quali or Race) and especially if people drop in or out during the session. The TGC guys ran a test a few weeks ago and concluded that it was almost certainly this that was the cause :). If you disable join-in-progress, or just go straight to the race itself, without practice or quali, the replays are normally OK.

24-10-2015, 17:40
Okay, so I didnīt tell you anything new there. Actually there have been quite a lot of people joining and quitting during the sessions. Many people quit a race when having been involved in a collision and heavy car damage. I had some jerking each time a new player joined, maybe 2/10 of a sec.

Thank you for telling me. Letīs hope itīs going to be fixed soon. Replays are quite useless this way and I like to review the key scenes and to take a few nice shots after the race.

25-10-2015, 09:30
Its not only in replays... had those while live monitoring


Got those recently. The player was either invisible or yea...


25-10-2015, 11:26
Yeah, theyīre a mess.

They crash if you rewind so you canīt record from different angles or even re-watch a key moment. The cars of the other drivers start making weird warping sounds. The wheel of your car never displays the correct wheel lock angle for that car so onboard footage looks really bad. You canīt fast forward to where you want without wasting minutes, so every crash is infuriating.

If you like to create highlight videos like this:


You have to endure multiple crashes, ages of fast forwarding, and nitpick the angles that minimize the warping engine sounds and the wheel weird moves.

26-10-2015, 13:21
BTW, the warping sound starts happening after a given point on long replays. It is usually after this point when the rewind crashes happen.

Maybe devs will have an easier time reproducing the issue knowing this! Thereīs something about long replays that the game canīt deal with, thatīs probably where you should look.

26-10-2015, 13:47
That's exactly right, Doge! Short replays have no issues as far as I know. 45 min replays do have issues with sound and crashes caused by rewinding, and like you said, it occurs from a certain point onward.

Apart from that I fully agree with the need to be able to jump to certain points in replays. i don't think a lot of us can muster up the courage to sit through 20 minutes of fast forwarding just to catch a glimpse of that cool overtake in the final stage of the race. Especially since you can't rewind if you overshoot the scene you're looking for. The obvious solution would probably be to let the seeking increase in speed the longer one holds the L2 or R2 button.

26-10-2015, 14:57
Sorry but it's not just replay. MP itself is broken.

26-10-2015, 14:59
Sure, there other issues, but no harm in putting the spotlight on this one in this thread. It would be nice to be able to compile a nice highlights video of an endurance race without having crashes. :)

27-10-2015, 18:31
I believe to remember that this broken sound even happened live in MP quali, when I was in the pits watching other guys racing. I was watching from rear cam view and cars sounded like a 50 cc motorcycle.

And yes, I criticised manoeuvering in replays from day one. In GT Legends there was a slider in replay mode that easily allowed you to instantly jump to any race moment you wanted, both ways. In other words: SMS guys should know how it has to be done.