View Full Version : Superkarts constantly hitting the sausage / going off-track

24-10-2015, 21:02
I was unable to find a similar issue in the forums, so if this has been reported before (and I believe it was), I apologize.

I noticed that AI superkarts go constantly off track - for example, in Sonoma turn 2 they will cut the inside and go very far on the gravel on the outside. On turn 3 they will always cut the inside. I'm impressed how the AI never spins out. They do seem to lose time on that, though. I can make a video if necessary.

(Superkarts are also too easy - I can play it with 100% difficulty and still go 2s faster per lap)

On Snetterton 200, they can accelerate normally going over the bumps on turn 3, and they will always hit the sausage on turn 5 and go off flying.

That happens even with other open-wheelers. Turn 1 in Hockenheim is hell. I've lost count of how many times I had to restart a Formula C race because there was always someone going through the sausage launchpad and crashing into me.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution for it?

24-10-2015, 22:32
My girlfriend keeps hitting the sausage and I aint mad at her

25-10-2015, 00:20
Stay off the sausage

25-10-2015, 00:53
I do, it's the AI who seems to be very attracted to it. :rolleyes: