View Full Version : External dashboard device

25-10-2015, 09:28
ı am thinking of using an android dash device and then get rid of on screen menus.
i have g-27 mounted at my desk, no wheel stand etc. how can i mount this device to my wheel, or just bottom of the monitor, and how big it shold be_?
do you have any opinions?

26-10-2015, 17:03
Duct tape.

P.S. I got a 7" Asus MemoPd 7 (android) to use with Dash Meter Pro. Haven't run the game with it yet, but propped up at the bottom of my display, about 3-3 12 feet from my eyeballs, it looks great. Plenty close enough to be easy to read, but not intrusive. Frees up a lot of display real estate.

26-10-2015, 17:26

Just get a desk mount arm, similar to the above photo...