View Full Version : Career trophies suggestion

25-10-2015, 20:57
I have a suggestion that I would like to see implemented in career mode, that before we enter the first practice/qualifying/race session of a tournament, we are able to see past history for such tournament. For example, if I am about to start a tournament for UK Road TC or whatever, that in the same menu where I can select the difficulty and lenght, I can also see my past results of previous seasons. I think this would be helpful if you are trying to collect all the accolades and you want to skip a tournamanet you have already won, or if you want to know what was your final position last season and now you are looking to improve it.
Also, I think it would be helpful if we can see current standings for a tournament from the qualifying/race menu, I noticed that not all tournaments have standings posted in the career menu.