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26-10-2015, 11:08
Hello people!

So I'm currently using the G27 steering wheel but its come to a point where I simply cannot use it anymore due to the noise it makes.
It is really really loud and im having complaints from others in the house, and I think this is due to the gear mechanism..

So my question is to you guys, for around 150 (200$) what would be a good belt-driven wheel to purchase?
I've been trying to find second-hand fanatec wheels but they are impossible to find.

So please help me guys :)

26-10-2015, 14:15
I think the only answer here is the Thrustmaster T150. None of the Logitech wheels are belt driven. The T150 has dual system, both gears and a belt, but the reviews say it's well implemented. For that price, I don't know anything else. For anything better you ll be looking at 400+ euros

26-10-2015, 17:33
due to the noise it makes....

Trying to save you a bit of cash here... If you bring up the telemetry window thingy while driving, I bet the grinding noises come while the yellow line goes really 'fat' [spiking up and down rapidly.]

If this is true, you can go into the car-setup-FFB section and max out all 4 'smoothing' values, and see if it cures it. [If it does then go back and turn them down as much as you can. Depending on rest of your setup I would guess 2O or 3O would be enough, especially try the 'Mz' one]

Also useful for this, is the 'Wheel Position Smoothing' in the general-FFB in control config. I have this at O.O9. Also this one feels less 'horribly/weirdly' smoothed than maxxing out the carFFB smoothing.

26-10-2015, 21:55
Strange, my previous Logitech DFP was never loud. Great wheel for the price, durable, good ffb, served me well. Loved it.

26-10-2015, 22:59
the same problem in my house, I can only play at night and no complaints will sound the wheel and pedals.
I bought a SRW-S1 good results as generic wheel, but a fall the throttle shaft broke.
now in my country there is no where to buy, and Amazon does not send to my country