View Full Version : Grid placement bug

26-10-2015, 15:36
So when is this going to get fixed ? Seriously after sitting through one of those pointless 30 minute qually sessions because of the 2 visible lobbies bug leaving me with no choice ,it is rather annoying having to do a drive through because the game does not know where the grid is .

26-10-2015, 16:29
It's Ok. In Project Cars this innovation continues sience the release.

26-10-2015, 20:36
Clearly cars are placed in the incorrect grid position . The bently should have been one position forward which is why the McLaren in front of me got dumped in the wrong spot .Same for me so we both end up with drive through .
This has been since day one and should have been sorted by now .Not even one game before now has had this sort of problem for me at least .