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29-10-2015, 16:49
Hi Guys,

I've been waiting that, in one of the patches, this feature would be enabled...but no :-(

The only way to save the replays is at the "Race"??

I do like a lot to do Time trials at the Nordscheleife, and it would be great to save some of the memorable laps... or even being able to see a full lap and use the XBOX DVR to save it.

With XBOXDVR I could enable it...but at a maximum of 12min...doesn't make much sense... the ideal would to see the full lap and enable XBOX DVR only on those situations...

Do anyone have a magic idea to overcome this??

Thanks in advance.

Fractured Life
29-10-2015, 18:22
Yeah the 5Mins max is unfortunate.

You'll probably just have to stitch a few together, start the replay, watch about 4 minutes (5mins always seems to give me 4:30), pause and snap dvr, then stop recording and take the last 5 mins. That should save to upload studio.
Maybe rewind 10-15s and snap dvr again, start recording and record 5 mins. And if you need another repeat.
From the xbox clips site you can download your 2 or 3 video's and stitch with software or upload to youtube and stitch them there. Not ideal

Hopefully they increase the max time with the new xbox updates, or sms allow us to somehow pull the recording off the hdd, or upload it somewhere!

29-10-2015, 19:57
Thanks for the help..but the problem is not the DVR...which records till 12min (it doesn't stop,at 5min..even if it says the opposite).
The problem is, in time trial it doesn't give you the option to see the full lap...only the last 2 min... Which is insufficient at Nordschleife.

30-10-2015, 20:09
Would like to hear why this 5 min max is enabled ?

When you race in MP your entire race is available to save eventough it can be pretty long, i've saved a lot of 45-50 min replays...

31-10-2015, 11:13
Hi, thanks for the update, but you're missing my main point here.

I just want the simple option to save a replay in Time trial... and if there is some limitation in duration wise, then at least we should have the option to save the best lap in time trial.
Simple, no? But I guess the developers didn't created this option :-(

I simply can't save a best lap replay in Nordschleife... during Time Trial (except enabling the DVR before I start, which is not the same thing or with the same quality).