View Full Version : Fanatec Clubsport Brake Pedal Issue - Post Patch 5.00

30-10-2015, 10:26
Hi All,

After installing the latest V.5.00 patch for Project Cars (PS4) I have since encountered persistent issues with the braking response on my V1 Clubsport pedals - there is now a significant loss ABS vibration which is both erratic & weaker at the pedal with no vibration transmitted to the wheel rim (911 Turbo S) at all. Braking resistance is no longer progressive,being inconsistent/variable and feels wooden and heavy - it is now impossible to brake accurately & with control.

When I start the game up (main menu) & switch the wheel on it auto-calibrates & connects normally & at this stage the brake vibration & progression is normal - good strong vibration at the pedal & the wheel rim & a great progressive feel to the pedal,but the moment I'm on the grid for my first race/practice etc the problem starts & continues until I finish my gaming session. This issue has only appeared since the V.5.00 patch.

I have checked the pedals & wheel in the Fanatec Profiler on my PC & all functions are perfect - I have also checked the same wheel/pedal combination on my Xbox 360 with Forza 4 & again it all works flawlessly.

Any feedback & advice would be most welcome!

Cheers :D

30-10-2015, 10:37
Hi Jai,

two things come to my mind:

1. I turn my wheel on before starting pCars, then press X on the welcome screen with the booted up wheel
2. Delete your savegames (local and cloud) and try again. Some strange effects/bugs could be eliminated by doing this in the past

Best of luck.

30-10-2015, 12:10
Hi Fong,

Thanks for your reply - I have tried starting the wheel before the game as you suggest but it wont connect to the PS4 at all unless Project Cars is already running.

I haven't saved any game data to cloud (unless this an automatic game function & I'm unaware of it) & the only game saves appear to be in career mode - please can you clarify this?

Thank you!

31-10-2015, 09:44
Also, I have tried re-calibrating both the wheel & pedals a number of times to see if this will fix the braking issue but without success - & adjusting the braking sensitivity setting in stages from 0 to 100 in controller (wheel) settings has no effect what so ever!

Very frustrating!