View Full Version : Save game corrupt after winning Kart One championship

31-10-2015, 17:49
I've come across a very annoying bug.
When starting a new career in karts, the game fails to save my data after winning the Kart One championship. Then after choosing yes or no when it asks to try again, the game freezes. After restarting, the entire career progress is gone.

I then started from scratch again, and when reaching the same point (when returningto the calendar after receiving the trophy video) exactly the same thing happens and I'm back to square one.

Pappy Knuckles
15-01-2016, 19:22
I've just come across this issue and I'm wondering if you or anyone else were able to resolve it. It says I win the championship and then when I click to continue it just freezes on a grey screen. I've retried it four times now and keep getting the same result.

Pappy Knuckles
15-01-2016, 19:38
I may have found the culprit. Just looked at my download size and it says 24.476 /24.984. I guess the download wasn't complete. I'll report back if that fixes it.


Yup, I'm good now. Nothing to see here, folks.