View Full Version : DS4 settings that finally work

31-10-2015, 17:38
I've been using these settings for awhile, think I've found ones that make the vehicles handle a little more predictable, especially at speed and while cornering. Feel free to adjust to your liking, but these are good to start with.


Steering DZ: 15
Steering Sen: 50
Throttle DZ: 10
Throttle Sen: 30
Brake DZ: 10
Brake Sen: 15
Clutch DZ: 10
Clutch Sen: 45
Speed Sen: 60
Controller Filter Sen: 50
Force Feedback : 100
Controller input Mode: 2
Adv: On
Soft Steering Dampening: On
Visual Wheel Filtering: On
Opposite Lock Help: Off

Also I've set up the manual shifting to the Right Analog stick with an auto clutch. Shifting on the stick gives a much better feel than buttons. When going into a turn you can easily downshift first when entering then use the brake if needed, this will help with sliding out.

Here's the settings I use for the Gameplay menu:
Steering Assistance: No
Braking Assistance: No
Driving Assists Allowed: Yes
Anti-lock Brakes: Yes
Stability Control: No
Traction Control: No

Damage: Full
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Tire Wear: Real
Fuel Usage: Real
Auto start Engine: Yes

Flagstaff & Penalties: On

31-10-2015, 17:46
Thanks, I will give that a try :victorious:

03-11-2015, 10:00
Interesting use of the right analog stick.
Will be trying out these settings, though i use right analog stick for accelerator/brake with R1/R2 as shifters
Really dont think i could adapt to using another method.

03-11-2015, 10:43
I was trying different setups for the controller and found that input mode 3 gives more precise searing. The input modes are designed for wheels and give a different rotation angle. Mode 3 is for more than 270o and that's why moving the analog stick is more fluent, it's just slower, but the feeling is for better control.