View Full Version : I love this game!!

03-11-2015, 03:34
Bought this game when it first came out on XB. It had alot of wrinkles then, but now after 5.0 this game is amazing! I had some of the most enjoyable races in MP the past few days!

Thank you for continuing to support the game, and issue patches.

And a huge thank you to my fellow MP racers. I can only recall one time since this game came out that someone has rammed me from behind, using me as their brake. Thank you for being the best MP racers I have played with!

Chunsey Wang
04-11-2015, 13:00
Good to hear mate I have not even tried mp yet,been busy with sp,thinking about it I've not actually played any other game since I bought pcars,every time I go to play another game I end up just thinking nah I'd rather b lapping spa or LeMans or where ever, glad to hear positive feedback about mp tho,read way too many negative posts, glad its going in right direction

04-11-2015, 14:28
I am currently in love with the BMW 320 Turbo Gr.5. I have had some amazing MP races in the past week. On a short track like the Nurburgring short sprint, wow!!!

And MP on weekends! Lots of races.