View Full Version : Mohave track glitch?

Pops Racer
03-11-2015, 17:00
I notice the upper third of the circle track at the Mohave test track is un driveable and slows the car quickly.
Is this supposed to be like this as it seems the track physics model is only 2/3rd the width of the observable track. "Riding high" on the wall should be capable at speed and there is a fence an all so I figure there should be a road surface that far..
Oh, and we need race events that use the full circle track.. Imagine the speeds we would try to make!!!

04-11-2015, 23:50
Yes it's a known bug.

It would certainly be nice if we could use all of the test track (including the outer ring, the drag strip and the skidpan as an open online playground.

Of more use though would be allowing practice and qualifying sessions to take place on all tracks without pits including the Mojave tracks that can be raced along with the likes of Snetterton 100 and the go kart tracks.

24-12-2015, 14:45
Hi, Newbie here, so I apologize if this is the wrong thread.

Is there any timing available for the drag strip?
If it is a test track, how can one test without timing data?

24-12-2015, 16:04
No. You'll have to use a stopwatch.