View Full Version : Looking for North America League.

03-11-2015, 21:36
So I see MANY new Project Cars leagues starting up but well I am looking for something Wednesday Thursday or Friday evenings based in North America ( Prefer EST but not required if fits my Schedule. )

If anybody has something going or knows of a group fitting my interests PLEASE let me know.

If there are enough people looking maybe we should START something.


04-11-2015, 16:49
Clan AOD should fit your needs go check out their thread.

04-11-2015, 17:40

races are every other sat night. new season hasnt started yet so still time for you to join.

04-11-2015, 18:54
Clan AOD should fit your needs go check out their thread.

Thanks!, we have alot to offer briden, your schedule would fit perfect with what we have going on, We are about to start season 6 and that means youll be able to jump right in

Heres our breakdown (league types are proposed and voted for certain timslots per season)

Monday - 8PM Est Sprint events/Training day

Tuesday - 3PM Est BMW TC2 European league, 8PM Est (slow car league tbd)

Wednesday - 3PM Est AOD Vs. League, 8PM Est Formula C league

Thursday - 8PM Est Fast car league tbd.

Friday - 3PM Est Open wheel European league, 8PM Est Happy hour! (Fun relaxed racing senarios) 9PM Est Oceania cup league

Saturday - 3PM Est IMSA league (multi class)

Between that we are open racing and doing everything under the sun really. So if youre tired of open racing madness and want to join a pro group who help each other live using our teamspeak server and on our forums then sign up, all skills are invited, and if you feel like you need help its always better to learn in a group.

Any more Q's pop on over to clanAOD.net and find our steam group "AOD Project Cars" currently sitting at 169 members.