View Full Version : Lobby and Collision system needs fixed

TRL Karthikeyan
04-11-2015, 12:11
Lobby browser:
status has no relation to the lobby(loading,lobby,race)
most times the lobby info doesn't download and won't let you join
The ui is terrible as the player should have all the settings in front of them rather than the time wasting cycle through info.
Vote to kick doesn't work as a player can still rejoin once kicked
Vote to skip session doesn't work
Default setups lock tyres,fuel and strategy (these should be allowed)

You might say well set up private lobbies. i do! but i join public lobbies aswell. When you get into a race(private or public) another issue occurs

the car should not magnet to other cars in certain situations like a front wing endplate clipping a rear wheel.
The issue is mainly at low speed. High speed collions are fine on the game.

I have had great races and battles on this game but the terrible collison model has caused many accidents through no fault of the drivers. This is by far the best racing game i've played and if these areas are fixed the multiplayer aspect will be spot on.

and yes i have reinstalled the game,re built the xbox,re wired my house and rebuilt the internet infastructure of the world and these issuess till occure so must be in the code.

04-11-2015, 15:45
Online has always been broke... Horrible... This game isnt meant to be played online is my conclusion..If you turn off your internet connection in settings in xbox dash it solves alot/most stuttering etc.. But obviously u cant play multiplayer which is where I want to play...

04-11-2015, 15:47
My online seems to not be broken.

04-11-2015, 15:49
My online seems to not be broken.

Care to enlighten me.

Chat works?
When lobby says its joinable is it?
You have no stuttering?
You have no sound bug?

Theres a reason only a handful of players still play this game.
I care to bet you have all the above issues.

04-11-2015, 15:58
Don't feel like getting into one of these again man.

Chat: Seems to be better since the recent patches; I've heard people talk. Anyhow, not a huge part of my game play; I sit there and drive or jump in a party with friends to chat.
Joinable: The ones I've joined seem to let me in the room and then 2 minutes later I'm out on track so yeah. Having issues? Host your own room.
Stuttering: No.
Sound bug: On occasion, when I do a game clip I get it for a few seconds. Besides that no. Don't run to many apps if at all in the background if your having major issues.

This isin't some FM hopper lobby bull where you race 10 tracks in 20 minutes with a bunch of 12 yr olds.

You can blame everything you want on the game but in reality you make the game out to what you want it to be. Find a group of friends, organize a race, practice, have a blast. Been doing that for the past 6 months.

Fractured Life
05-11-2015, 13:43
Chat works?Game chat works better than it has done, and no crashes since NXOE
When lobby says its joinable is it? Yes, no longer do I get locked in the lobby unable to join SiP
Stuttering? Occasionally online when I have started watching another user and then launch friends or party etc.
You have no sound bug? NXOE update made a massive difference. Easiest way I can explain is they have optimizied all the menu's etc and so launching friends/party/messages/notifications is pretty much instant and doesn't cause a sound glitch as before.

05-11-2015, 14:04
The sound bugs gone for me especially since the fine work done by the updates. Sometimes on tracks you don't realise just how close you are to other parts of the track and other racers in that sector, usually flat out making full chatter engine noise. I think it's that that you, or rather they're hearing personally? As for the lobby thing I'm not sure what you mean having little and few occasion of such problems as I refresh often should I pick one and they then disappear. Not like it was pre patch5.
Sure I've been crashed out into main menu, crashed out to a complete Xbox reset too but have an uneducated theory that ping and other devices using and sharing the connection are related. I'm sure regular hard stops help too but this is all stuff I've gleaned from this fine forum and not my own work. Thanks for that people!
Ps. Edit: I'm no tech or expert. I apologise if I'm going off thread.