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Precision Racing League
04-11-2015, 17:41
Precision Racing League (http://precisionracingleague.com/ocp/index.php) is one of the largest online racing communities when it comes to Project Cars with championships for all regions of the world and on all three formats; PC, PS4, and Xbox ONE.

We also have leagues for iRacing and F1 2015!

Our focus is on clean and fun racing, and we have drivers of all abilities, so don’t think that you have to be the fastest of the fast to join us. Everyone is welcome!

We are looking for new drivers for our 3rd season. This season will feature the Group A cars (BMW M3 E30, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth & Mercedes-Benz 190E). The Project Cars American XB1 Series is a 9 races championship. Each races are around 30 to 45 minutes once per week. We are doing an optional 1 hour practice before the race, and a 15 minutes qualifying session after.

American Project CARS XB1 Series [Season 3]
Car: Group A (BMW M3 E30, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth & Mercedes-Benz 190E)
Race day/time: Tuesday @ 9pm EST
Sign-Up here! (http://precisionracingleague.com/ocp/forum/index.php?page=topicview&id=project-cars%2Famerican-project-cars_8%2Fseason-3-sign-up)




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Precision Racing League
07-11-2015, 17:44
We still have places available!

11-11-2015, 00:30
I just singed up, hope it's not too late. I'll try to make the race, see you all there.

Precision Racing League
11-11-2015, 00:48
The season has not started yet! It will start within the next 2 weeks.

Precision Racing League
11-11-2015, 17:14
The pre-season race will be announce soon!

Precision Racing League
12-11-2015, 02:42
The pre-season race will be held next week at Laguna Seca! We have some places available!

Precision Racing League
16-11-2015, 00:16
Only 3 places remaining!

Precision Racing League
19-11-2015, 23:47
The pre-season race went pretty well! We are now voting if we add a mandatory pitstop!

Precision Racing League
27-11-2015, 20:43
Mandatory pitstop has been added to the settings! Here is the results of the first race. The next race is Tuesday at Oschersleben!


Precision Racing League
02-12-2015, 22:55
Here are the results of the second race at Oschersleben!


Precision Racing League
09-12-2015, 23:50
Here are the results for Round 3! Another awesome race! The next race is next Tuesday at Snetterton - 200!


Precision Racing League
17-12-2015, 00:44
Here are the results from Round 4! Full grid! The Standings have been updated in the original post!


Precision Racing League
01-01-2016, 23:31
Here are the results from Round 5! The Standings have been updated in the original post!


Precision Racing League
02-01-2016, 20:21
Here are the results from Round 6! The Standings have been updated in the original post!


Precision Racing League
07-01-2016, 16:57
Here are the results for Round 7! The standings in the original post have been updated.