View Full Version : Dynamic brake line disappearing

04-11-2015, 18:18
I just bought the game and I am playing for week. There are a lot of things about the game but the thing that botthers me more is the Dynamic line (here configured to show in the corners) that about one or two time per lap do not appear or simply disappears in the middle of the curve. Have someone experienced this too?

Think you are in a ten lap race, online, and because of that you passes right in the corner and hits another car taking him out of race... thats really bad.

I think this is so much easy to perceive that I dont believe this kind of bug still exists so long after the game being release.

I really feel like I bought a unfinished game every time this happens.

Ps: There are no way to send text message in the lobby? Really? Please, tell me this is my mistake, caused by the terrible interface.