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07-11-2015, 13:43
Been trying to figure out setup saves for. A long time now ...where is the setup to track I know you can save to circuits but is that all circuits ? The saving of setups needs sorting ...on top of that today I noticed while in TT I was saving a setup and I noticed there's a 3 rd option I can go down to which is blank what's that for ?

07-11-2015, 15:51
IMO TT, and saving setup's needs a redesign. First of all we dont need both a free practise-mode, and a TT-mode. You can, but why whould you? You can do all the free-practise you want in TT-mode. What the game imo needs is a TT-mode where you can create a setup, go out to set a PB. Come back in, and save the setup. Make some changes, and go out to test them. Come back into the pits, and either SAVE those changes, because you had a new PB, or LOAD up the one you had to start over. I also like to be able to SAVE/LOAD multiple car/bike setups for the same car/track so that I can have a WIP-file, and continue my working on a setup at a later time. Anyway I like to save the setup's for my PB, so that I atleast know what it was I did

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
07-11-2015, 18:12
You can do all the free-practise you want in TT-mode.
There are several things you can do in practice that you can't in TT other than change setups, like monitor engine temps, test fuel use and test handling with full fuel. Not to mention do it offline.

EvilEd, in garage if you hit R1 or shift up it switches to save-by-circuit. Scroll down and check the ones you want with X, then square to save. I don't know about the mysterious 3rd option atm.

Zeke Bewlay
07-11-2015, 20:29
Like Sir Digby says, that method works fine. Don't use the 'save all' option though as there is a bug that prevents subsequent changes working in career (unless that is now fixed)

08-11-2015, 03:11
Lol sorry I have to disagree. IMO This method does absolutly not Work fine! I dont want to first do a lot of laps in Free Practise to improve my setup, and beat my PB, and then have to quit out, and do it all over Again in TT. Then what if in TT im not happy with my setup? I have to quit out Again to go into Free Practise, to set the car up, before going into TT. You ppl think this is good? You want to pendle between Free Practise, and TT to set the car up? Also Theres that Little thing that in order to test any changes you have save before heading out to track thereby deleting the old one. I dont want to have to delete my old setup before I have testet out the new ones. Its not that im against Free Practise, and do all the Free Practise you want. Its as simple as having a work-prosess that makes sence, and doesent increase the work-load. IDK maybe you could imagine a TT-mode where you could turn on tire-Wear/fuel-usage, and do a lot of laps to test this all the while the game recording your laptimes?

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
08-11-2015, 17:30
You can change/save setups in my garage after you back out of a TT. If you want, you can also save setups to other tracks than you're currently using, and load them later and save them to your track. I do it all the time. Sure, it would be great if multiples could be saved per track.