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08-11-2015, 09:47
Stuck in Pits/very long stop at Monza + wrong tyres and options show when creating pit strategy

I've tried posting this but get an error on the forum saying I can't post due to a censored word or link in my post. I've posted a link to the error on GTPlanet. Any idea what word triggers it? I've had it before when posting a new thread. Edit: subsequently I am able to edit this post and paste the entire contents in here...... :confused:


Stuck in Pits/very long stop at Monza + wrong tyres and options show when creating pit strategy

My Club ran the following online race last night in a private lobby. We had 11 starters. All but 1 of us got held/stuck in the pits.

I pitted on lap 23. My car's fuel had refilled to where I wanted it and I had no damage but was still held there until I retired to pit and spectate mode. I had used a strategy made while in one of the pre race sessions. It had changes to default tyre pressure (reduced to approximately 1.6 front and 1.55 rear) and I changed the amount of fuel when I pitted before pressing close on the pit box window.

Others had pitted for damage and or fuel. The first to pit had pitted after 9 laps for damage. He eventually got released after we'd just called the race off (around lap 27. His pit stop lasted approximately 40 minutes and he was the first to pit (to fix damage). One driver (the declared winner as last man standing) didn't have the held in pit problem and still pitted twice.

Here are the race settings which took place last night Sat 7 November at 9:30pm.

Ford GT40 Mk IV @ Monza GP

Laps: 45 (roughly 90 minute race)
Practice: 15 mins
Qualifying: 10 mins
Warmup: 5 mins
Rolling Start

Weather: Heavy Cloud/Light Rain/Light Cloud
In-game start time: 11:00
Time progression: 5x

Force interior view: No
Force manual gears: No
Force realistic driving aids: No
Force Default setups: No

Allow ABS: Yes
Allow Stability Control: No
Allow Traction Control: No
Damage: Full
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Tyre Wear: Real
Fuel Usage: Real
Auto start engine: Yes
Flags & Penalties: Off

Also in the strategy during practice there were two options for tyres. One was soft and the other medium or hard. I backed out of this and created a new setup without touching the tyre option. The only tyres that the Ford Mk iv comes with are the vintage 1968 tyres which work in all weather.

09-11-2015, 10:32
I didn't put this in but just to clarify when I pitted I used the pit request button I had mapped and got confirmation of availability.

I know some others who got stuck also used the request but can't comment on all who got stuck.