View Full Version : Having a few issues

09-11-2015, 13:25
Hi their everyone

I am having a couple of issues and was wondering if you guys would have fixes for them. 1) the rocket bunny doesn't appear in the on-demand section. 2) can't seem to be able to assign buttons. and 3) are you able to configure weather in career, it seems when it stops raining i will pit to get my wets taken off but than a lap later it will start raining again.

Also wondering, is there any series in career that you can do the entire Nurburgring.


12-11-2015, 10:44
1) is your game up to date? Heard there's an issue depending on your location. If you can't find DLC through the On Demand section, search through PSN store.

2) why? Some functions must be assigned.

3) no.

4) what entire Nurburgring? The 24hr layout that has the GP circuit connected to the Nordschleife, isn't available in the game. Yet (fingers crossed). Not sure if there are career races/ events at the nur GP or Nordschleife.

16-11-2015, 14:43
Thanks for the help, what I did was I went on the PS store on my computer and got the new DLC that way