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09-11-2015, 16:38
Hi we are using Project cars for multiplayer racing
We have the following problems no 1 is when racing close no feedback contact can be felt by either car this can lead to both cars seeming to lock together no one has ever felt contact rumble etc little problem but creating lots off problems .
Another issue is the lack off. Side veiw there is lots off blind spots even when the car is along side there is no way to figure out where it is .
Has any one else had. the same issues ?

09-11-2015, 16:53
Glued cars is a known issue and hopefully will be worked out.

For spotters i recommend using crew chief. Can be found here (PC only)

Neil Bateman
09-11-2015, 17:32
A blind spot is not an issue with the game, its how it is IRL, you have mirrors and look left and right and if you use mirrors as well as LL/LR you should know there is a car there, you may not know exactly how far along side he is but you should at least know he is there,

09-11-2015, 20:08
Cheers realised they are fixing the glued problem shame that feed back can't be added when contacts are made